Protect Public Safety, the Environment and Property Values

√ Initiate Neighborhood Watch groups
√ Liaison to local police and fire departments
√ Assist animal health and care
√ Reduce speeding, unsafe driving and trash truck traffic
√ Community beautification and clean-ups
√ Partner with real estate community

Promote Shadow Hills

√ Market unique lifestyle and real estate properties
√ Conduct SHPOA membership drives
√ Hold general member meetings with guest speakers, helpful information and   entertainment
√ Bi-monthly newsletter
√ Daily email outreach and information
√ Website information
√ Special events and signage

More of What We Do

What We Do

SHPOA Profile

Preserve Country Lifestyle

√ Fight for code enforcement to protect
residential zoning
√ Provide legal counsel and referrals
√ Expand trail system, open space and wildlife corridors
√ Support equestrians and equestrian organizations
√ Advocacy with government and law enforcement agencies

Shadow Hills Property Association


Founded: 1964

President: Cindy Bloom