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Before and at the meeting, many residents offered, suggested and supported SHPOA's involvement in providing financial and educational assistance to victims of the La Tuna and Creek fires. SHPOA is setting up a special account from existing funds and your donations for this purpose, just like we have done for the high speed train effort. Please call Dave DePinto, president (310-502-7928), if you'd like to make a donation to this Fund and/or mail your contribution to SHPOA, P.O. Box 345, Sunland, 91041, or visit our website ( and use PayPal. Please be clear in indicating that your donation is for fire recovery. 

The Board, with input from meeting attendees made the following decisions:

SHPOA requests the names, addresses and phone numbers of residents suffering damage to their homes and displacement from either the Creek or La Tuna fires. Please forward that information to

Short-term financial assistance will be offered, based on need, to those victims, as they await insurance coverage, government assistance, etc. We ask that those people contact Dave DePinto, SHPOA president, confidentially if desired, to discuss/request support. 

SHPOA is soliciting media/creative/production assistance from residents who would like to assist in an educational video project. The initial concept (to be developed further) is to create two uniquely Shadow Hills videos: one on how residents may prepare for disasters, and a second focused on special training/planning benefiting equestrians and those with animals. We will post the videos on our website, Daily Fodder, Next Door and Facebook, as well as provide CDs, as requested. Please contact Cindy Bloom, SHPOA vice president (818-445-5602), to discuss your support.

SHPOA will consider financial assistance to neighbors engaged in fire recovery efforts such as Kagel Canyon, Lake View Terrace, Sunland-Tujunga, Sylmar, La Tuna Canyon and Sun Valley. Please contact Dave DePinto if you have suggestions or requests at 310-502-7928.

Again, thanks to all for a great meeting. On behalf of the SHPOA Board, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! And, a heartfelt thanks to the fire, first aid and police responders within LA City and LA County.

Dave DePinto