Neighborhood Spotlight: Shadow Hills has no plans to ride away from its semirural lifestyle

By SCOTT GARNER              JUL 13, 2018 | 5:30 AM 

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One of the best-kept secrets of Los Angeles is the surprising number of equestrian communities scattered along the fringes and tucked into the nooks and crannies of the city’s 469 square miles of plains, hills and mountains.

Relics of L.A.’s agricultural past, when the city was more renowned as a producer of lima beans than of movie stars, these outposts provide direct links to the days when the region was knit together by a network of dusty bridle paths that have long since been paved to make way for our latest beast of burden, the car.

Not surprisingly, the San Fernando Valley has the highest concentration of equestrian communities within the city limits. As a generally suburban island surrounded on all sides by a moat of rugged mountains and hills, it has a development pattern and geography that have conspired to produce pockets of land where horses still graze in the shade of live oaks.

In the far northeastern reaches of the Valley, where the Verdugo Mountains drive a wedge between the 5 and 210 freeways, lies what may be the most fiercely defended remnant of the pastoral past, the horse-centric neighborhood of Shadow Hills.

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​​​​​​​​​​Dear CD7:

This publication is an insult to our intelligence and we are all more ignorant having read it.  (Here is the second issue released on 7-17-18--it is almost worse than the first)

My questions:

Will you renounce this publication from one of your supporters as divisive, unethical, hateful and biased as any ethical community leader would?

Have you reported this publication from one of your supporters as a form of political contribution given it's clearly an effort to assist your administration and candidacy? Should this be reported to the ethics watchdogs, the City Attorney, the press, DONE and others?
Do you think we are not watching and preparing to take action on things like this?
This is our community. Not yours. You are paid, oathed and morally bound to repesent us. But, you fail to represent us. A recent PR piece by you talked about how you "endured" fires in the first months of your administration. We were insulted by that statement. You have not endured anything. We, the residents and taxpayers in CD7, endured the fires, suffered property damage, have had to deal with insurance matters, faced the loss of life and property, and were stunned by your lack of response. You endured NOTHING. All you did was flit from PR moment to another PR moment. For the record, know that you did not return my calls, emails or texts seeking assistance on behalf of all the residents of Shadow Hills during the initial, La Tuna Fire, and then the Creek Fire, and you continue to fail to live up to your pledge on the high speed train project. We will continue to hold you accountable and vet your every action.

Don't you hate it that some people keep track and keep score? I will post this on NextDoor and also Facebook. You've had one year and your time is up!

Not that I expect an answer, but know that this kind of thing is an insult to our communities and you and your staff ought to represent the entire District and show some class.

Dave DePinto 

SHADOW HILLS IN THE NEWS - LA Times Article July 13, 2018

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