Jim Potts (left) educates the attendees about terrorism and what to do in case of an active shooter situation.  Semee Park (right) talks about how to run for our local Neighborhood Council.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Shadow Hills has no plans to ride away from its semirural lifestyle

By SCOTT GARNER              JUL 13, 2018 | 5:30 AM 

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One of the best-kept secrets of Los Angeles is the surprising number of equestrian communities scattered along the fringes and tucked into the nooks and crannies of the city’s 469 square miles of plains, hills and mountains.

Relics of L.A.’s agricultural past, when the city was more renowned as a producer of lima beans than of movie stars, these outposts provide direct links to the days when the region was knit together by a network of dusty bridle paths that have long since been paved to make way for our latest beast of burden, the car.

Not surprisingly, the San Fernando Valley has the highest concentration of equestrian communities within the city limits. As a generally suburban island surrounded on all sides by a moat of rugged mountains and hills, it has a development pattern and geography that have conspired to produce pockets of land where horses still graze in the shade of live oaks.

In the far northeastern reaches of the Valley, where the Verdugo Mountains drive a wedge between the 5 and 210 freeways, lies what may be the most fiercely defended remnant of the pastoral past, the horse-centric neighborhood of Shadow Hills.

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Keynote Speaker: Melanie Morita, LA Dept. of Public Works.  Big T Wash Post-Creek Fire

Some of SHPOA Accomplishments

  • Since August 2014, SHPOA has been leading the fight against the high speed train. For more info click here or www.dontrailroad.us
  • ​SHPOA was instrumental in securing Grocery Outlet to replace the shuttered Ralphs
  • SHPOA’s Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Free Daily Fodder (daily email) information system keeping you informed
  • Equestrian-safe crossings SHPOA helped create on Wentworth at Wheatland and Mary Bell
  • Traffic/radar speed enforcement return on Sunland Blvd. due to SHPOA’s efforts
  • ​SHPOA partnered with our neighbors in Sunland-Tujunga to stop the Home Depot tenancy
  • SHPOA’s maintenance of white horse rail fencing and removal of litter and graffiti (click here to report broken fencing; if car accident, please report license plate no. if possible)

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​Welcome to the Shadow Hills Property Owners Association website. We are a non-profit association of dedicated volunteer residents dedicated to preserving the rural community. SHPOA’s mission is to protect, preserve and promote our country lifestyle, safety, equestrian rights and property values. We are certified with the state of California and the IRS as a non-profit organization. We prioritize our activities based on input from you. We are often “first responders” on matters of concernto you. We have none of the required fees and enforcement powers of a typical HOA.

Our Mission

On Monday, the newly elected Board members held their first Board meeting to conduct business and to formally approve appointed Board positions.  Then, on Tuesday, January 8, SHPOA kicked off its first general meeting of 2019. Cindy Bloom, newly elected SHPOA President, introduced the new board members, most of whom were present.

Here is the complete list of Board members for 2019 (* denotes new member):


President: Cindy BLoom

Recording Secretary: Gerri Summe

Treasurer: Lynne Toby

​Membership:  Jacqy Gamble (Danielle Fox* was appointed as committee member)

​Immediate Past President - Dave Depinto


Land Use:  Elektra Kruger, Bob Renna*, Lynne Toby

Equestrian and Trails:  James & Andrea Gutman, Rosey Payne*

Neighborhood Watch:  Thom Despres*

Outreach Director (aka Daily Fodder):  Susan Wong*

Special Projects:  Cynthia Urias (cleanup/beautification), Jo Rich* (events)

Webmaster: Carlos George (backup: Cindy Bloom)

Newsletter Director: Cindy Bloom

Newsletter Coordinator and Ad Collection:  Linda Graves*

Newsletter Design and Layout:  Gerardo Barrientos*

Hospitality:  Katherine Dayen, Lois Dayen

After public comment, it was time for our guest speakers.  First, Jim Potts (Potts & Associates) gave an extremely informative presentation on "Active Shooter Awareness."  He presented an interesting history of terrorism and how on many levels domestic terrorists are much more prevalent and dangerous than international terrorists.  Did you know that California tops the country in the number of hate groups?  Social media and the internet have given terrorists and hate groups a platform to thrive. He then segued into how terrorism and hate groups are related to, and may be the foundation for, active shooters.  The upcoming newsletter will have a more in depth recount of his presentation.

Then, Semee Park from the City of Los Angeles' Department of Neighborhood Empowerment spoke about the upcoming Neighborhood Council elections, history and function of Neighborhood Councils, and how to run for office.  

At open forum, a lively discussion took place on a variety of topics.  It was wonderful to see Shadow Hills folks engaged.  The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Meanwhile, your Board is working on projects for the upcoming year, including completing the 2019 Priorities set by the community and members at the December 2018 meeting, beautification projects, a round table with other local communities hosted by Senator Portantino's office, a multi-home owner association meeting with the LA DWP Ratepayer's office, and yes, the pancake breakfast may be back!


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Jim Potts talks about active shooter awareness


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